Using aloe vera on the hair cleanses and conditions the scalp, helps balance the pH of the scalp, reduces oiliness, moisturizes dry hair and helps repair damaged hair. In addition, the gel from aloe’s leaves can even stimulate hair growth in some cases, or at the least, prevent further balding. Simiar to its benefits for the skin, aloe vera softens, fortifies and rejuvenates the hair, while it flushes dirt, debris and bacteria from the scalp. It can be used on the hair in a variety of ways, though the most popular consist of purchasing or making your own aloe shampoos and conditioners, or applying pure aloe gel to the hair.

Dry, Damaged Hair

Aloe vera nourishes and strengthens dry or damaged hair, and infuses it with protein. By penetrating the hair shaft, aloe gel can heal each strand from within, restoring hair to its natural beauty. It also reinforces the outer layer of the hair, which results in shiny, more manageable hair. Try using an aloe shampoo or conditioner, or simply applying pure aloe vera gel to the hair and allowing it to remain for 30 minutes before rinsing clean. Perform this treatment once per month, and before long, dry hair will be a thing of the past.

Oily Hair

Because it naturally balances the pH of the scalp and hair, aloe is good for all hair types, including oily hair. A shampoo or conditioner made with aloe, or regular treatments of pure gel as described above, will keep the hair healthy and strong while helping to get rid of excess oil and balance sebum production in the scalp. With regular use, the hair will be soft and silky instead of limp and greasy.

Hair Loss

The gel from inside aloe vera’s succulent leaves is believed to condition the scalp. Egyptian researchers have proven this belief with studies that show aloe vera gel not only helps get rid of dandruff, but also helps to regrow hair in people with seborrheic baldness. This is a type of baldness caused by the formation of oily scales on the scalp. Aloe also protects the exposed scalp of individuals with thinning hair from the elements (sun and drying wind). The gel from an aloe leaf can be applied directly to the scalp or used in the form of a shampoo or conditioner. Hair regrowth takes time, but will occur once the scalp has healed. If baldness is caused by genetic factors, not even aloe vera can help reverse the problem. It may retard hair loss, however, and slow down the inevitable when used on a regular basis.

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