If you have been researching and reading about this super food then you know bee pollen vitamin B12 is one of the most absorbable forms of this vitamin that you can buy. B12 is can be found in all foods from meats to dairy but the problem is that it is in such small amounts as to not entirely be of benefit. This vitamin is needed for DNA replication, nerve cell activity and it interacts with folic acid to keep the homocysteine levels in check. These could build up and create and atmosphere whereby increasing the risk for heart attack.

Bee pollen vitamin B12 is in the exact amounts needed to keep the body healthy. Today more people are suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiencies than at any time in the near past. We eat and eat becoming over weight because our bodies are craving and we have no idea what it needs. This is why using nature’s miracle food as a supplement is a wise and effective choice. You get all of the daily requirements of 18 vitamins in a single 35gram dose.

There is some talk that B12 is hard for the body to absorb. That is why a lot of physicians talk people into coming in for painful and costly B12 shots. They explain that this way it goes directly into the blood stream and you get the full benefits much faster. While all of this may be true not every wants to be a pin cushion. If you are one of these people read on.

Bee pollen vitamin B12 is a natural way to get what you need on a daily basis without experiencing pain in your arm or wallet. It is fully absorbable and for the money you get the full range of B complex vitamins along with 10 others. You also get amino acids, minerals, trace elements and fully digestible proteins.

Not all people are at risk of a B12 deficiency but vegetarians who exclude fish and dairy are. This Super food is a natural source of nutrition and it is actually a plant product. The pollen is collected from plants by bees. Pollen is simply the male spore (think sperm) used for plant reproduction. So it is not a meat and it is not made by bees only harvested by them.

This super food can be purchased from a variety of sources but we have found that a pollen harvested in a country that is densely populated and has a lot of factories and other industrial plants can have contaminates. We buy from manufactures who list New Zealand as their primary source for raw pollen. This country has no industrialization and the use of harmful pesticides is prohibited. For more information about new Zealand pollen and to get a supply for your family click the link below.


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