Aloe vera plant is one of those herbs that has all of the qualities needed to repair hemorrhoidal tissue. It attacks and helps to relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids without any side effects. Pain, inflammation and enlargement of the hemorrhoids can be greatly relieved by this simple common plant.

Aloe vera has been known for very long for it’s benefit in burns. This is because Aloes has an emollient, demulcent and anti-inflammatory effects. Emollient and demulcent means that it will has a soothing effect on tissues. Anti-inflammatory properties in aloes makes it effective in relieving a lot of the painful symptoms that accompany Hemorrhoids. So Aloes can be of great help in relieving this problem.

Another benefit of the Aloes is that it is an astringent that helps in contracting the weak tissues favoring the shrinkage of hemorrhoidal tissue. You will soon find out that most herbs that have an astringent property will benefit in some way by giving relief to the hemorrhoids. I will share with aloe-vera-plant you in another post the different astringent herbs that are effective for helping hemorrhoid shrink.

There are different ways that Aloes can be use for hemorrhoids. If you have the plant at home, just take out the skin in one side and cut a piece of the gel in the form of

a suppository and insert rectally. If it is too soft you can place in the freezer a little just long enough to harden but not freeze and then insert. If there is a lot of pain and inflammation with the hemorrhoids you can let it get kind of cold and insert rectally. The the coldness alone has a pain relief affect in many people.

Another simple way is to buy the gel of the Aloe vera. Blend it a little to liquefy it more. Empty a fleet enema and put the Aloe Vera In it (fill it up). Lubricate and insert rectally. This can be left inside all night or as long as possible. This remedy will stop bleeding many times and relieve and shrink hemorrhoids.

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