How to get rid of hemorrhoids is a question that will have a different answer from every person you ask.

There are a variety of treatments, ranging from home remedies to surgical procedures that claim to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently.

Reality is to get rid of hemorrhoids for good you must employ treatments that will heal the damaged tissue from the inside out. You can find a number of herbal treatments that do just that, however, in this article we will focus on one that has been used for centuries to heal many ailments, including hemorrhoids. That herb is Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera is an herb that is native to Africa. It has been used for centuries to treat things such as burns, digestive disorders, eczema, hair loss, itching and hemorrhoids.

It is available in a variety of forms to include liquid and gel. The most pure form of aloe comes directly from the plant and this has the best results when treating hemorrhoids. Aloe plants are pretty easy to find at large stores that carry a variety of plants.

Aloe can be used internally or externally. For external hemorrhoids, apply a small amount of aloe vera to your finger and massage into the rectum. It should begin to soothe the area and alleviate some of the irritation on contact.

For internal hemorrhoids, you can peel the leaf of the aloe to expose the soft part, cut it in strips and freeze until of a solid consistency. Once it has frozen or becomes solid, insert the aloe suppository into the anus.

The coolness of the aloe will feel good on contact and it will begin working to shrink the hemorrhoids and stop the bleeding.

Another option is to insert liquid aloe into a syringe with no needle and insert it gently into the anus. It will do the same as the suppositories without the added coolness from freezing.

You can apply aloe as often as necessary throughout the day.

Even though aloe vera is a great hemorrhoid treatment on its own, you can achieve faster results by combining with other herbs proven to heal hemorrhoids or by utilizing specific products designed to cure hemorrhoids that contain a blend of herbs and other ingredients designed to eliminate hemorrhoids permanently.

There a few good hemorrhoid treatments on the market that combine a number of herbs, oils and other ingredients that have been proven to eliminate hemorrhoids.

Just remember that it is very possible to get rid of hemorrhoids. However, no matter what treatment you utilize to heal your condition, the hemorrhoids will return if you do not eliminate the things from your life that caused them to occur in the first place.

In most cases, altering your eating habits to include foods high in fiber, moderate exercise and consuming eight to ten glasses of fluids daily will help to keep them from flaring up again in the future.

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