This article will consider is aloe vera good for hair or if that’s simply a myth.

Millions of people suffer from hair loss and are in search for the cure, or help, for their problem.

Now you might have noticed that many hair products contain aloe, and many products make sure to mention it as a key ingredient.

But, the question remains…

Is Aloe Good for Hair? Or Is That Just a Myth?

Is aloe vera good for hair?

Well, there are many people that would quickly chime in and say…”Yes! It works!”. But of course, you also have many that view it simply as a placebo and doubt it’s effectiveness.

But, the question, ‘is aloe good for hair?’, is not one that has a concrete answer in science or by common traditional users.

You’ll probably read many opinions and many of them will be contradictory.

So, if you’re looking for a definitive ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, I’m sorry to disappoint. However, since I am a big fan of it, I will mention what some have said about using it and you can determine for yourself whether you want to follow that advice or not.

In either case, no harm no foul. There has been no evidence whatsoever to show that using aloe would cause hair loss or hair problems… so what is there to lose?

So let’s see what some would answer to the question, “is aloe vera good for hair?”

People from all over the world claim that using it has helped them, not only to restore lost hair, but actually to promote new hair growth.

Now, that is simply amazing!

Some say that they had good results from applying the aloe topically onto their scalp and through the hair follicles. In and of itself, this is a good method because there are some enzymes in aloe that have been shown to stimulate new growth in the hair.

Is Aloe Vera Good For Hair? Claims Point to Yes…But There’s More

Is aloe vera good for hair? The claims of many people seem to point to yes. But again, you have to try it yourself to see if it’s true.

Other people that say yes to the question ‘is aloe vera good for hair?’ say that, not only do they apply the gel directly to their scalp, but they also drink the gel or juice.

They claim that they are also promoting hair growth and hair restoration from within the body too. Does that sound too far fetched? Maybe, maybe not.

Like many other natural cures or natural medicine, there is not much science that backs up these claims. You would expect that since drug companies want you to use their product and not natural (less expensive) products.

The best thing to do is just follow the steps above and see if you can answer for yourself, “is aloe vera good for hair?”.

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