Can bee pollen be vegan?

Every leading vegan knows that honey is not vegan because bees are exploited in “making” honey, but is pollen vegan?

There is no straightforward easy answer here as it is a personal choice of how you behave and live according to your veganism. Some vegans are stricter than others while others are quite relaxed about how to act like a vegan.

In this article, we will look at the main points of why pollen may or may not be vegan and why some vegans use pollen and others don’t touch it with a big stick.

First, let’s define what vegan is for non-vegans reading together:

“Veganism is a way of life that excludes all forms of exploitation and cruelty to the animal kingdom and includes respect for life. It refers to the living practices of the products of the plant kingdom, with the exception of meat, fish, birds and eggs. Honey, animal milk and its derivatives and promotes its use. alternatives to all goods wholly or partly of animal origin. ”

Donald Watson, 1944

The arguments for and against bee pollen are vegan

As you can see, being vegan means boycotting all forms of animal exploitation, but you still have to ask whether pollen is vegan. Since its establishment, can crops or pollen be classified as a form of exploitation?

On the one hand, this is due to the fact that bees are usually kept exclusively to fertilize gardens and are often rented out for flower fertilization. In this way, humans use the honey bees’ abilities and don’t turn pollen into vegans.

On the other hand, this pollen is a waste product, bees do not collect it for their own purposes, or when humans encourage or exploit it to collect pollen. In addition, not all apiaries are treated for human needs. Several apiaries have been developed for the good of the environment. In parts of the world with minimal bee numbers, apiaries have been installed to encourage local flora to grow and thrive, and pollen from these plants is random and not produced.

After all, this is a personal choice

Both reasons are valid; Whether pollen is vegan or not is necessarily a personal decision.

For those who go vegan simply because of nutritional benefits versus ethical hardships, pollen can certainly be considered vegan in your circumstances.

This is because of its minimal impact on your calorie intake. Also, because you are vegan, pollen is loaded with all the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals that your diet lacks. When you ingest pollen, you will find all the minerals and vitamins that are lost when you remove meat, eggs, and dairy products from your diet.

In general, I have to repeat the answer to “Is bee pollen vegan?” A decision based on your assertiveness as a vegan and sticking to the quote above. However, if you personally decide that pollen is not vegan, you are missing the opportunity to take a more potent daily natural supplement than the energy drink and multivitamin combined!

With this restricted diet, taking pollen-strong supplements is a sensible step for vegans who want to stay as active as possible and even avoid high-energy non-vegan foods.

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