Finding out what food to eat for high blood pressure isn’t hard. There are many foods that will help reduce your blood pressure significantly. We will also discuss that NOT to eat when dealing with high blood pressure.

Potatoes are a very good food to eat for high blood pressure. They contain a chemical called kukoamines, which researchers have found to lower blood pressure. Of course, boiling potatoes is much healthier and preserves the chemical better than frying. You need to cautious about eating fried foods. Fats and saturated oils will increase your blood pressure!

Low fat dairy products are also believed to lower high blood pressure. Low fat yogurt is a great food to eat for it, along with skim milk and low fat cheese. Studies have found that people whose diets are rich in low fat dairy products are only half as likely to develop high blood pressure.

Do you love fresh fruits and veggies? Good for you! These foods significantly reduce the chance of developing high blood pressure, because of the high content of the vitamin folate. This can also be taken in supplement form, though getting it naturally through fresh foods is the best way get this nutrient.

Taking a supplement such as Omega 3 is also helpful. This can be found in many types of fish and salmon, though those are not recommended as food to eat for this because of the high sodium content. You can find out what types of fish are good for your blood pressure by doing a little research.

Sodium or salt is one thing you definitely want to stay away from when trying to lower bloods pressure, as well as foods that contain saturated fats. Try to steer clear of fried foods and dairy foods such as ice cream. Avoid high sugar content processed foods as well.

To sum it all up, eating healthy is the best way to BE healthy. Shop carefully, and know what food to eat for high blood pressure when you dine out. Pick and choose smart foods, and your blood pressure and health will be much better for it!

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