The many benefits of essential fatty acids have parents scrambling for Omega 3 for kids. We all want our children to be healthy, don’t we? Not only that, we also want them to grow up smart. Well, giving them Omega 3 fatty acids helps with that.

The brain, being made up mostly of fats, needs Omega 3 fatty acids to function normally. That’s why these fatty acids are said to be good for pregnant women. Studies have shown that taking Omega 3 during pregnancy reduces risks of birth defects and increases chances of giving birth to healthy and smart babies. Giving the brain the nourishment it needs, in this case, Omega 3 fatty acids, helps children study better, improves their memory, and controls behavior. Being smart is not all about dedication and inheriting smart genes, apparently.

Encouraging foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids is always a good starting point to raise smarter kids. Then again, we all know what a challenge that can be, especially in these modern times when there are so many unhealthy but delicious choices out there. A bag of potato chips, for instance, will be more tempting than a quarter of a cup of walnuts, will it not? What kid would rather prefer steamed fish to burgers, hotdogs, fries, or fried chicken? And with your busy schedule, wouldn’t you find it more convenient to buy “to-go” foods than go through all the difficulties of preparing your family’s meals?

But incorporating Omega 3 fatty acids in your child’s diet is not impossible; it can be done for as long as you yourself fully cooperate and get involved. Once you have made the commitment, try these things:

  • Junk the junks. Clean your pantry of junk foods. Scrap junk foods out of your grocery list next time you do your groceries.
  • Replace junks with nuts. Walnuts are especially rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Making these available within reach helps to create the proper mind set for your child.
  • Try out different ways of cooking fish. Fish should be served just two or three times a week, no more. Still it can get pretty boring, so make your fish look and taste exciting every time you serve it. When steaming fish, make sure to garnish it well so it’s going to look decorated. Kids love colorful foods, and you can make any fish dish come to life with a few extras here and there.
  • Juice the vegetables. Broccoli, seaweed, and kale are all good sources of Omega 3, but if you think your child just cannot eat them as they are, try juicing them and get your child to drink them chilled! You can add a bit of honey to sweeten the taste. Vegetable juices are incredibly healthy and refreshing.
  • Create a sumptuous vegetable salad by tossing your favorite vegetables and pineapple tidbits with olive oil. Olive Oil has plenty of the good fats, and to enjoy the benefits of these good fats, Olive Oil must not be cooked.

Good habits and good health should start at home. And as you incorporate Omega 3 foods in your child’s diet is wise, try to talk to your pediatrician, too, about giving omega 3 for kids supplements.

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