Well, running comes with numerous health benefits but too much of its exercise can also cause some serious health problems. When runners run their heart pumps, muscles burn, feet aches and lungs scream for air, so there is no surprise that their body needs natural supplements for reducing pain, tenderness of joins that is caused after running. Quantum Naturals brings Quanto Proflex Plus comprised of the natural extracts of Boswellia, Turmeric, Fenugreek and Ginger to help the runners by increasing their joint mobility. Read more to explore the best joint pain supplements for runners and some common health problems which they have to go through

Blisters: Caused by the friction when socks and shoes rub against the skin, Blister is one of the most common problems which runners face. This usually occurs due to the deformity in the foot, ill-fitted shoes, or high-intensity training. Well, they aren’t a cause of tension but sometimes they are painful, annoying, and uncomfortable. In order to prevent yourself from blisters, wear fit shoes and shocks while running, prefer blister-free socks over the normal one, and always keep your feet moisten.

Stress Fracture: The stress fracture in the foot of runners is caused by the repetitive and too much running. It is a crack in the surface of the bone because too much pressure is made on the surface by the runners while running. It often occurs when runners increase their mileage or intensity too quickly. Runners should immediately see the doctor in the case of stress fracture because too much pressure can make it even more difficult.

Heel Pain: Heel pain in runners is generally caused by the wrong process of running or not giving the adequate rest time to your feet. Therefore, it is recommended to stop running for a few days until the pain goes away. Also, check your shoes for cracks or replace them if they are very old or worn-out. This will enhance your running experience. Apply ice on the soul whenever in heel pain, this will speed up the recovery.

Knee Pain: Knee pain is something that definitely strikes a runner’s life. Faulty running technique and weakness around the muscles are the major reasons behind this problem in the life of runners. Before the conditions get worse seek for an expert advice today. It can be treated by physiotherapy, correcting the running technique, and reducing the intensity of running.

Be it pain, stiffness, or, swelling in the joints, Quanto Proflex Plus is the stop to count on. Therefore, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, buy the best herbal joint pain supplements from us. Regular use of Quanto Proflex Plus helps in reducing pain, tenderness of joints associated with runners and their arthritic disorders. They are best herbal joint pain capsules for runners also because they can be taken with high blood pressure without causing any side effects.

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