Skin Cancer now-a-days is a major problem in different countries and it is a form of malignant disease. When cancer is benign it can be treated, but if it advances to malignant stage, its treatment becomes hard or fatal. An idividual can also die because of this type of cancer. It should be treated in early stages.


1- Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)

2- Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)


There are many causes of skin cancer like germs etc but the main cause is sunrays I-e UVA and UVB. Sunrays can damage skin if exposure for long time. Melanoma and Non-Melanoma cancers can be caused by sunlight exposure for longer time. It can be caused by changes in DNA. DNA is the concoction in every one of our cells that makes up our qualities, which control how our cells work. We generally resemble our folks since they are the wellspring of our DNA. In any case, DNA influences something other than what we look like..


Signs and symptoms of this type of cancer are:

1- The appearance of red moles.

2- Appearance of scars.

3- Skin bleeds sometimes.

4- Itchy skin.

5- Scaly flat red spots.

6- Painless ulcer.


On the off chance that you see anything irregular on your skin that doesn’t leave in multi month, demonstrate it to your specialist. It may take a photo of anything irregular so you can check for any progressions. Keep in mind that there are numerous different conditions that show up in the skin that are not growth, particularly in more established individuals.


It can be treated by using different preventions. We can prevent skin damage from sun by using sunscreens I-e Sunscreen SPF 30. SPF- (Sun Protection Factor). Sunscreens are items joining a few fixings that assistance keep the sun’s bright (UV) radiation from achieving the skin. Two sorts of bright radiation, UVA and UVB, harm the skin and increment your danger of skin growth. Sunscreens differ in their capacity to ensure against UVA and UVB. Aloe vera plays a vital role in prevention of skin diseases. Sunscreens with Aloe can better prevent skin damage, sunburn and sun tann etc. A substance named Acemannan in aloe vera leaf can stimulate immune cells. Aloe can also prevent the inflammation on skin that is also the cause of outer layers of skin.

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