When you saw your child rushing home, looking untidy and scratching her scalp so often you suspected something is in her head that makes her getting irritated. There are lice crawling fast in her scalp! This is just one common scenario of children infested by lice and you want to look for ways in treating head lice the natural way because some medications contain harsh chemicals not good for your children. Head lice treatments must kill lice without risking your children’s health.

Head Lice Description

Lice are crawling insects, no wings and are considered parasite because they fed themselves with blood sucked from the human scalp. They do not bring danger much on person’s health but only severe irritation and itching. Common characteristics of head lice are:

• Adult lice feed as many times during the day

• Size is almost the same as sesame seed or a match head (measures about 2mm to 4mm)

• Color is dark and is getting darker after sucking blood

• No wings, body is elongated or stretched, with three body segments namely, abdomen, thorax and head

• Lives close to the scalp and lays 3 to 10 nits per day

Symptoms of head lice include red sores found in the scalp, itchiness and presence of large number of lice eggs on hair shafts. If you are seeing these manifestations then you are indeed infested with head lice. Plenty of head lice remedies are available including chemical based head lice medications and natural remedies at home. Pedicullides refer to medications to kill head lice and nymphs but leaving lice eggs behind and so re application of treatment must be done properly. These can be bought with prescription from your doctor because of toxicity involved.

If you do not want your child to be exposed on chemical based treatments, treating head lice the natural way is the best thing to do. Still the most effective way of removing lice and lice eggs is through picking them one by one and also using head lice comb. This method doesn’t involve application of any formulas into the hair to kill lice and nymphs. You can follow these simple steps to get rid with head lice infestation.

1. One way to kill lice is putting on hair smoothening product into the scalp. Try using mayonnaise or Vaseline because both products work the same. What you need is a jar of mayonnaise and shower cap. Place a handful of mayonnaise into hair portions, carefully massaging in between hair strands until the whole head area is covered with mayonnaise especially lower neck line and behind the ears. Cover head with a shower cap for two hours just to smoothen on nits and baby lice on the hair shafts. After two hours, wash hair thoroughly with shampoo and soap until the mixture until the hair get so clean. You can wash hair again if it is sticky until mayonnaise is totally removed. If you do not agree with using mayonnaise because it is too messy using Vaseline is a good option.

2. Another natural remedy to get rid of stubborn lice is using vinegar. This is very natural and basic because most household have vinegar in the kitchen. You can saturate hair with vinegar for at least an hour, cover hair with shower cap and rinse off thoroughly after one hour of soaking. You may repeat the process after two or three days because accordingly those lice are killed after two to three days of vinegar application. Just do a follow up operation to make sure all lice are killed to prevent re infestation of head lice.

3. Using essential oil as natural remedy to remove lice is gaining much popularity nowadays. Applying tea tree oil is one of the easiest methods to kill lice. Combine at least 15 drops of tea tree oil in a shampoo bottle. Better if shampoo bottle is half filled only so that the oil can spread more evenly. Use this as your daily shampoo.

4. Aloe Vera leaves also do wonders in removing the lice at the same time giving much luster and volume to falling hair. How to apply? Pick an Aloe Vera leaf, remove all the thorns in its side carefully, peel it off and form gel substance. Apply to hair and leave it there for at least 30 minutes. Divide hair into an inch sub sections. You may scoop down a teaspoonful of aloe gel and mixed it with your chosen brand of shampoo. Apply daily and consistently. After each bath, use metal lice comb and pick up lice one by one.

Treating head lice the natural way is the most amazing thing you could share and contribute to the total well being of your child. Head lice should not be taken for granted but must be given utmost importance. What is best with these natural remedies is that you are killing the lice without hurting your precious little one. What is more important here is the removal of all lice eggs because when nits are totally removed from the scalp there will be no more lice re infestation in the future.

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