Let me first debunk the myth that takeaway foods such as peanuts, pastries and burger cause acne. Although these junk foods are not healthy when relied on, none of them give rise to acne. Acne forms as a result of sebum, a natural skin oil, becoming infected or the blocking of the sebaceous gland.

Vitamin A Efficiency, Derivatives And Acne

As a very important anti oxidant, Vitamin A efficiency plays a very important role in keeping you healthy and looking young with a healthy skin. Conversely, Vitamin A deficiency is a serious health issue because it affords freedom to free radicals to cause havoc in your body and bring about premature aging, which features most prominently on your skin.

However, like most drugs, overdose of Vitamin A is dangerous; it has adverse side effects on your health. But ironically, Vitamin A side effect has enabled the production of Vitamin A derivatives known as retinoids. These derivatives are Isotretinoin, tazaroten, adapalene and tretinoin.

Acne Treatment With Retinoids

Topical application of Vitamin A derivatives; especially Isotretinion, dries up the infected sebum of your skin and thereby kills the infections. And if your acne is caused by blocked sebaceous gland, a Vitamin A retinoid applied topically will dry the sebum, peel off the top lays of your dead skin and thus bring about a new layer and new pores free from acne.

However, Vitamin A or its derivatives are not to be used without the supervision of a qualified medical personnel. An unguided use of Vitamin A can become injurious to your health. The effect of a retinoid on the skin if not properly applied can be injurious too, therefore, do not use Vitamin A or its derivatives without your Doctor’s advice, especially if you are looking to get pregnant, are pregnant or breastfeeding your baby.

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