What foods should you avoid in arthritis? If you avoid it, can there be a cure? Or is there another cure for arthritis? If the answers to these important questions were helpful, it could mean the end of arthritis for you or your loved ones. So let’s see what you can do on your own, then let’s look at other areas of self-help that can be much more helpful, helpful, and harmless than basic arthritis treatments.

First, dairy products are generally considered to be one of the staple foods to avoid in arthritis. A study conducted in China on little or no milk consumption found that there was little or no arthritis. And it’s not just arthritis that makes dairy products worse. Anyone who abandons dairy products will receive an extraordinary health award.

This is not surprising when you realize two important points

1. Dairy products are made for baby cows. You may have been weaned for a long time. And you are not an animal. Why Dairy Products Should Be Good For You? And in fact, it isn’t. It’s not the best source of calcium or protein to make because your digestion changes during weaning, making dairy products much harder to digest for you. Even though calcium and protein are abundant in dairy products, they are both locked in – your body can’t access them.

2. Pasteurization destroys and destroys the nutrients in milk, making it more difficult to digest than raw milk.

If you focus on the damage caused by heating foods, you will find that a diet high in raw, unprocessed foods can go a long way toward restoring your health. Raw foods are high in enzymes, which are essential for good digestion and gut health. Raw food digests much more completely and faster than cooked food, so nutrients enter your system faster.

Many nutrients are damaged (eg protein) or lost (eg enzymes) during cooking. Health cannot be good if you are not getting essential nutrients even though they are in the food you buy.

While diet is very helpful in restoring your arthritis-free health and may be the complete answer for many, it certainly cannot 100% relieve 100% of people.

And this is the natural modality of health homeopathy. Homeopathy is a powerful and comprehensive natural health care system that can treat any health problem, including arthritis.

The way homeopathy works is to balance yourself. And that balance is the key to good health. The imbalance causes deterioration of health. This can be caused by poor living conditions such as diet. Or it could be a family feature. Homeopathy has the potential to reveal these familial tendencies.

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